When do we start to get aged

It is easy to determine exactly when we begin to age, because the concept of aging is quite relative. Some people may have wrinkles, but good health and vitality. On the other hand, some people have smooth skin but suffer from malaise.

Your appearance is just one of the variables that determines when you start to age, and it is certainly not the most important. Other processes more accurately determine when you begin to age.

The aging process

In fact, not all organs age at the same time. Also, biological aging is one thing, and psychological or social aging is quite another. One way or another, it is generally accepted that aging begins when functional tissue is damaged.

Although this is not entirely true, experts believe that aging begins when cells fail. Such faults include:

  1. accumulation of genetic defects
  2. shortening of telomeres, which are located at the end of chromosomes
  3. errors in the excretion of defective proteins

When do we start to age?

There is no consensus on when people start to age. The most conservative experts note that this process begins at the age of 25, because that’s when cells begin to fail. In particular, the gradual process of losing muscle mass begins.

Jaime Mikel, a former director of NASA’s Aging Laboratory, says people start aging when they’re 30 years old. He points out that at this age the genetic program begins to deteriorate and there are changes in the physiognomy. These changes include:

  1. weight set
  2. metabolism slows down
  3. some hormonal changes
  4. memory loss
  5. changes in sleep mode

Chronological age and biological age

Chronological age is the traditional age. This applies to the number of years you have lived since birth. This is mostly a social and cultural indicator. However, this is very important from a biological point of view.

On the other hand, biological age is measured by cell degradation. More precisely, we can say that it is measured depending on the energy capacity of the body to repair cell malfunctions.

It can be installed due to the length of the telomeres. Telomeres are the ends of chromosomes. They shorten each time the cell divides until they are depleted and the cell dies. The state of this process allows experts to measure biological age, which does not always coincide with chronological.

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